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Search for financial funds and external consultants (including international consultants) for successful development of your business, idea, or project

Consultations, organization and assistance in soliciting funds, search for external consultants for your project (including international consultants)


  • Basic consultations on fundraising (general types of organizations, funds, directions and workframes)
  • Detailed consultations on fundraising: search of grant providing organizations in the relevant spheres for your project, idea
  • Screening of the existing funding initiatives that best suit your project
  • Determination of terms and criteria for the best suitable programs
  • Consultations and assistance in filing out an application form for the specific program
  • Organizing and conducting negotiations with the grant providing organizations


  1. Basic consultation on fundraising
  2. Development of a commercial offer
  3. Signing the contract for services
  4. Screening of the existing fundraising programs and terms of granting/ search for the specialists for the relevant business
  5. Selecting the program
  6. Gathering the required information from the client
  7. Developing the grant proposal
  8. Search of funds/ experts (conducting negotiations, correspondence, documentation and arrangements)
  9. Monitoring and evaluation of results


Estimated possibility to participate in fundraising programs, finding consultants; receiving the grant after application procedures and fulfilling all requirements.

Task duration:

Depends on the type of service and the amount of the requested information. First consultation duration is 30-60 minutes.


  • First consultation is free
  • Service costs depend on the consultants’ amount of work and the complexity of the project
  • Consultant’s one hour of work – 552 Tenge
  • Consultant’s one day of work – 4200 Tenge
  • In each separate case costs are agreed individually for specific projects


Kairat Sugurbekov,
e-mail: sodbi@sodbi.kz

Contact information:

Zhandosova St., 73, tel.: 489548, 489578
e-mail: sodbi@sodbi.kz
URL: www.sodbi.kz