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Briefly about us

Corporate Fund “Business Incubator SODBI”

Form of organization: Nonprofit, nongovernmental organization (NGO)

Director: Elmira Sugurbekova

Type of activity: Business Incubator’s main objective is to assist start-up and young innovative entrepreneurs aimed at stimulating and fostering entrepreneurial activities, promoting competitiveness and adaptation to the conditions of local economic environment.

Functions of a business incubator:

  • leasing spaces for start-up entrepreneurs on favorable terms;
  • supporting small and medium-sized businesses in accessing the financial, material and intellectual recourses on favorable terms;
  • contribution to the emerging and growth of start-up entrepreneurs and job creation by providing education, information, and consultation services;
  • support in the implementation of innovative projects.

Registration date: April 4, 2000

License number: 0002932 (АА series) for education activities (vocational training). License issued in March 11, 2004

Personnel: 22 employees, 2 external international consultants


The main building: 3000 square meters of office space (including corridors).

Production and warehouses area: 1500 sq. meters.

Total area (including parking place): 4600 sq. meters.

Location: SODBI Business Incubator is situated in the northern part of Shymkent, in the area of micro-regions with over 20% of total population of the city.

Technical equipment:

  • PCs for each staff member
  • Photocopy equipment
  • Telephone/fax
  • Mini-АТS
  • Scanner
  • Lamination machine
  • Digital cameras
  • Laser printers


#73 Zhandossov St.,
160006 Shymkent,
Republic of Kazakhstan
tel.: +7 (7252) 48 95 78
fax: +7 (7252) 48 95 48
e-mail: sodbi@sodbi.kz