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Mission and history


  • Supporting small business development
  • Fostering the emerge of new businesses
  • Stimulation of innovation development in South-Kazakhstan


  • 1999 - 2000
    Director Kayrat Sugurbekov studies business incubator concepts in Poland and Germany.
  • April, 2000
    SODBI Business Incubator officially starts operation.
  • June, 2000
    SODBI Business Incubator gets 4500 sq.m of land in property for for 10 years.
  • January, 2001
    Education and consulting services state license is granted to Business Incubator.
  • 2000-2002
    With GTZ s, Eurasia Foundation s, and Soros-Kazakhstan Foundation s support the Business Incubator building is reconstructed, and the information resource center is set up.
  • September, 2002
    Official opening of the reconstructed building of the Business Incubator in Shymkent, Zhandosova Street
  • September, 2002
    Business Incubator organizes and hosts the 2nd International Conference on Business Incubation in Central Asia “Innovative Business Development in Kazakhstan: technology transfers and innovation centers”
  • November, 2002
    Central Asian Network of Business Incubators and Technological Parks establishment. Business Incubator SODBI is the network coordinator.
  • January, 2003
    SOROS-Kazakhstan Foundation awards Business Incubator a grant to reconstruct the premises on the adjoining area for production space, equal to 1,000 square meters.
  • June, 2003
    SODBI Business Incubator wins World Bank infoDev Incubator Initiative grant competition along with co-funding from SOROS and EURASIA Foundations.
  • May, 2004
    Start of “Small Business Advocacies Establishment” Project along with the National Committee for SME-support, Astana. The project is implemented by the League of Entrepreneurs of South Kazakhstan and SODBI Business Incubator .