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«Benchmarking for Central Asia Business Incubators Network»

Project name: «Benchmarking for Central Asia Business Incubators Network»
Short description: The project was launched in August, 2006. Last November during the II Global Forum, Hyderabad (India), initiated by infoDev, the project was supported by the participants from Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan.

The key project focus is to create and introduce the system of benchmarking for business incubators region-wide and to provide instruments for promotion of the incubation and innovation ideas amongst the key stakeholders and the respective governments of the participating countries.
Project duration: August, 2006 - December, 2007
Objectives: The goal of the project is to create a unified benchmarking system to help monitor and evaluate business incubators??™ performance in the Central Asian Region and ECA countries
Project stages: 1. Information search and analysis on benchmarking methodologies applied by business incubators worldwide.
2. Preliminary study amongst ECA Network members.
3. Working out of regional benchmarking project.
4. The first benchmarking survey.
5. Preformance of the survey results on the conference in Armenia
6. Providing information for members to support work towards policy-makers
Expecting results: - Introducing the benchmarking results for key partners region-wide
- The CABIN portal integration into the ICT activities of the CABIN members
Partners: - Peter Haman (UK),
- Krzysztof Zasiadly (Pl),
- Rolf Friedrichsdorf (G),
- Stefan Schandera (G).
Additional information: 1. The working group members are: Zafar Mukhitdinov (Uzbekistan), Zamira Akbagysheva (Kyrgyzstan), Elmira Sugurbekova (Kazakhstan). The group leader is Elmira Sugurbekova.
2. The frequency of benchmarking surveys is once a year. The quantitative information collecting is implemented on the following criteria:
- general quantitative information
- legal status
- client businesses
Benchmarking survey is implemented in 3 stages:
1. information collecting
2. analysis
3. publication of the results (on-line)
Contact information: CABIN manager:
Gorbatovskaya Aleksandra,
e-mail: a_gorbatovskaya@sodbi.kz