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Effective advertisement

Effective ad

for the promotion and development of your firm/product in the market

Design and promotion of commercial advertisement and its elements for effective business promotion


  • Development of commercial advertisement concept (situation analysis, defining the advertisement objectives and target groups, finding solutions for commercial advertisement, media planning, etc.)
  • Development of a message
  • Consultations on selecting the effective advertisement approach and media planning
  • Calculation of a minimal advertisement budget

Results evaluation:

- psychological effect
- economic effectiveness


  1. Basic consultation on clear determination of advertisement concept, tasks and objectives
  2. Identification of the specific scope of work for consultants
  3. Development of a commercial offer
  4. Signing the contract for services
  5. Development of commercial advertisement concept
  6. Assignment of commercial advertisement concept
  7. Client s evaluation of the work performed
  8. Final consultation for the client on the advertisement concept


Effective guidance for the further planning and implementation of advertisement campaign (report, advertisement briefing and other documents specified in the contract)

Task duration:

Depends on the requested information and the type of service


  • First consultation is free
  • Service costs depend on the consultants amount of work and the complexity of the project
  • Consultant’s one day of work – 4200 Tenge
  • In each separate case costs are agreed individually for the specific project


Elmira Sugurbekova,
Marketing and Finance Consultant
e-mail: e_sugurbekova@sodbi.kz

Contact information:

Zhandosova St., 73, tel.: 489548, 489578
e-mail: sodbi@sodbi.kz
URL: www.sodbi.kz