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Ecological and cognitive tourism in SK. Informative tour for travel agents of the South Region May 22, 2006

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Ethnic town in South Kazakhstan. Discussion of the ethnic village and ethnic town creation was held in SODBI conference-hall April 20, 2006

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Support to agriculture and tourism. Business Incubator starts working with the projects devoted to information content development for experts and entrepreneurs March 2, 2006

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SODBI invites you to attend our business club devoted to tourism business development issues December 12, 2005

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Non-governmental organizations can arrange their email boxes on the www.shymkent.com business portal August 3, 2005

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Changes in land-laws: lawyers and officials meet at a round table July 25, 2005

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Tourism in Kazakhstan: a regional seminar-conference “Kazakhstani Tourism Development Trends with Consideration of Regional Pecularities” July 19, 2005

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Small Enterprises are ready to use Internet in their business – results of the “Internet for Small and Medium Enterprises – 2005” conference May 31, 2005

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A regional conference “Internet for Small and Medium Enterprises – 2005” was held by SODBI May 28, 2005

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Land-laws issues legal redress office was founded on the basis of SODBI Business Incubator April 1, 2005

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Children drawing happiness - drawing competition among students of art schools and studios of Shymkent March 15-16, 2005

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16 May 2005
The Use of the Internet for Small and Medium Business Development - 2005

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31 May 2005
Small businesses are on the verge of using the Internet in their business activities

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