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  • August 13, 2004 г.
    International expert in small business development introduces the world best practice and experiences in business incubation
    On August 12, SODBI Business Incubator in Shymkent conducted the seminar “Business Incubation Impact on the Local Economy” for incubation managers and government bodies throughout Kazakhstan. Mr. Kazybayev, the Chairman of the Committee for Small Business Development Support of the Ministry of Industry and Trade, has shared his vision... подробнее »
  • August 02, 2004 г.
    Supporting production
    Business Incubator SODBI, jointly with Oblast Administration of Entrepreneurship support, began realization of the project “Made in South Kazakhstan”... подробнее »
  • July 25, 2004 г.
    Business for community welfare
    Tourism is business that, run by an NGO, can benefit not only its owner, but the whole community. Thus, “Wild Nature NGO in Aksu-Zhabagly, South Kazakhstan, has initiated eco-tourism develoment with EURASIA Foundation’s and SODBI Business Incubator’s support… подробнее »
  • June 24, 2004 г.
    The representatives of Kyrgyz government visited SODBI Business Incubator to obtain experience in business incubation
    On July 18-19, SODBI Business Incubator hosted the government officials from Kyrgyz Republic, who arrived to Shymkent to obtain SODBI’s experience in incubating businesses. подробнее »
  • June 21, 2004 г.
    Sharing experience to support development
    Kyrgyz governvment supports nurturing businesses in country. Government bodies are implementing the small- and medium-size business support policy and study existing experience abroad and business incubation approaches in Central Asia... подробнее »