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Market research

Market research

gathering information for the development of your busines

Search of qualitative and/or quantitative information to determine the effective ways for business development


  • Gathering information on the market scope and potential, market share for an enterprize
  • Research and analysis of information on competitors, defining a companie s positioning
  • Design market model for a company
  • Consumer research, including product testing, study of consuming habits, consumer orientations, and other aspects of consumer behavior
  • Product/brand study, including consumer’s attitude towards the product/brand
  • Research of advertisement effectiveness
  • Cabinet research


  1. Basic consultation on clear determination of research tasks and objectives
  2. Determination of market research methodologies
  3. Approval of the commercial suggestion by the client
  4. Signing the contract for services
  5. Conducting market research
  6. Data analysis and report assignment (possible consultation on the next steps)
  7. Final consultation concerning market research results


Receipt of information for further planning (type-written)

Task duration:

Depends on the complexity of the project and the amount of work


  • First consultation is free
  • Service costs depend on the consultants  amount of work and the complexity of the project
  • Consultant s one day of work – 4200 Tenge
  • In each separate case costs are agreed individually for the specific project


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