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Accounting and taxation

Accounting and taxation

for correct accounting and tax payment

Consultations on various situations in accounting and taxation


  • Consultations on accounting techniques
  • Consultations on accounting documentation
  • Consultations on filling out quarterly and yearly tax reports
  • Explanations of different types of taxes
  • Consultations on specific cases and issues


  1. Identification of the problem
  2. Information preparing
  3. Consultation and interpretation of tax requirements
  4. Additional questions and answers on the specific issue
  5. Comments, recommendations, monitoring and evaluation of the quality of the services provided


Finding the most valuable solutions for the problem.

Task duration:

To be determined for the specific problem individually.

Your goal:

Clearly define the problem


  • First consultation is free
  • Service costs depend on the consultants’ amount of work and the complexity of the project
  • Consultant’s one hour of work – 552 Tenge
  • Consultant’s one day of work – 4 200 Tenge
  • In each separate case costs are agreed individually for the specific project

Additional services:

  • Compilation of necessary information
  • Providing the necessary document formats
  • Tax calculations upon request


Kulbayeva Anna,
Chief Accountant
e-mail: a_kulbayeva@sodbi.kz

Contact information:

Zhandosova St., 73, tel.: 489548, 489578
e-mail: sodbi@sodbi.kz
URL: www.sodbi.kz